Thursday, June 9, 2011

all's in bloom.

today was just a normal day...  I watched little miss Eme Layne for a few hours, thrifted, and got dinner with Micah (my man) in the cafeteria of the hospital where he works as a secretary in the emergency room (pretty exciting stuff!).  for dinner, this is what I wore.

top: thrifted | shorts: thrifted | loafers: thrifted | bag: thrifted
necklace: vintage, borrowed | ring: Forever21
total: $12

first off, I must say that this bag is simply a dream.  while shopping at my favorited thrift store today, I spotted it, and knew it had to be mine.  the best part?  it was only 50 cents!  as was this top, which I adore.  it's so light and airy - perfect for this typical Georgia summer I am currently enduring.

I have a little news for you!  peachy dreams will be on hiatus this coming week (Saturday to Saturday).  I'll be working at a summer camp, and I won't be able to post from the campground.  I'm super excited, as this is a summer tradition of mine that is always so very rewarding.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures for you when I get back (if I'm a good blogger and keep my camera on hand, that is).

I am terribly exhausted, so I'm off to watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and fall asleep (at 9pm, like the old lady I am).

happy almost weekend!  xo, kelseylee.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

kindred spirits.

ever since I watched and read Anne of Green Gables as a young girl, I always dreamed of finding a kindred spirit.  I wanted a Diana Barry to my Anne Shirley.  as of late, it seems my dream has come true.  my dear friend Andrew, who I featured in my last post, is exactly that.  each time we spend time together (since he goes to a university in Virginia, that only occurs in the summer or holidays), it seems even more apparent than the last.  today, it was just the same as always.  I met him at his house, where he took my outfit photos (like the amazing friend he is) and played me a few of his most recent tunes.  then, we spend three hours chatting over iced coffee (mine, of course) and tea (he got vanilla rooibos).  here's what I wore...

naturally, I'm awkward when someone is taking my photos...

top: thrifted | shorts: thrifted | belt: thrifted | boots: thrifted | socks: gift
spoon ring: vintage | brooch: handmade by my great-grandfather

these lovely floral shorts were purchased at my favorite thrift store.  they were only $1!  since floral shorts were on my list that day, I was ecstatic!  I think they were originally from Walmart, which makes them even better!  this top came from another one of my favorite haunts, America's Thrift.  I already have plans to remix it with this skirt.

now, I have an interesting story to share.  today, while consuming delicious beverages with Andrew, I heard someone say my name.  I looked up, and there was my fifth grade English teacher!  we hadn't spoken in nine years, yet he still remembered my first and last name!  considering I was not a trouble-maker growing up (actually, I was usually the teacher's pet, the object of much ridicule), I consider that the mark of a good teacher!  since he's a writer, and Andrew is a writer, and I like to consider myself somewhat of a writer, we all hit it off and continued in conversation for quite a while.  it was oddly refreshing to have grown-up conversation with someone I once saw as much older.  all in all, it was a delightful evening.

well, I have a babysitting job in the morning, so I must be getting to sleep.  goodnight, dears.  xo, kelseylee.

Monday, June 6, 2011

meet my friend Monday 01,

I've decided to start a new feature where I introduce you to my sphere of influence on the first Monday of every month!  this Monday, I am introducing you to none other than my dearest friend in the world...


button-down, shorts: J Crew ; cardigan: Banana Republic ; shoes: Urban Outfitters

jacket: thrifted ; vest: Target ; shirt: Aero ; pants: Delia's ; belt: AE ; shoes: Urban

hat: Target ; shirt: French Connection ; pants: Delia's ; boots: J Crew
name: George Andrew
age: 20
occupation: student
hometown: Mercerville, NJ
current city: Atlanta, GA; Lynchburg, VA

where do you usually shop?
as you can see from the captions, just about anywhere!

how would you define your style?
well, I'm really trendy.  the only trend I haven't really tried is "the beard"... because I can't make one yet.  I like fitted clothing because I'm really skinny, and anything else makes me look like I'm drowning.

what are your hobbies?
I like to play the piano and write music; read; write; car-hoppin' at Sonic.

what are some interesting facts about you?
- I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was 16; I just finished up the last of the treatments this past December.  I'm now cancer-free!
- I will never squish a cockroach.  (I threw up in my mouth once because of the crunch...)
- Kelsey and I have been best friends for five years!

cheezin' it!

I hope you enjoyed my first ever "meet my friend Monday"!  xo, kelseylee.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

wipe the stardust from our eyes.

this weekend was so jam-packed with wonderful things!  time with my family has been frequent and precious as of late, and I am enjoying every minute of it.  since today is my cousin's birthday (happy 1-7, Trip!), and Tuesday is my little brother's birthday (Tate, you need to stop getting older...), we had a little get-together for them at our place yesterday.  we lounged by the pool and had a ton of fun.  this morning, my dearest friend Andrew met me for church, and then we ventured Lenox Mall together.  I saw the sartorial wonder that is Zara, and fell in love with absolutely every item in Anthropologie (guys, I would seriously live there if I could).  and, here's what I wore...

top: Poetry ; bodycon skirt: Urban Outfitters ; flowy skirt: thrifted/altered ; boots: thrifted

necklace: Charming Charlie ; belt: thrifted ; double ring: Urban ; jade ring: Forever21

remember this post where I featured floaty skirts?  well, I had seen them in various places, such as Urban Outfitters and on Gretchen Jones in the season 8 finale of Project Runway, but never at a price I was willing to pay.  inspired by all of this, I decided to embark on a little DIY adventure.  I scoured thrift stores for sheer skirts, and finally located this one.  I cut out the lining, and voila!  I created a piece I am quite excited about.

this look also features my very first remix item here on the blog.  if you remember, I also wore this top here.  it is so versatile!  I can picture wearing it with almost everything in my closet, weather it be layered over a dress or paired with a pair of high-waisted shorts.  it really doesn't photograph well, but I'm sure you'll still be seeing lots of this little beauty here on the blog.

tomorrow, I'm going to be introducing a band new feature entitled "meet my friends Monday"!  I'm really pumped about it!  I can't wait to see what you think.

I hope everyone has had a weekend as pleasant as I have.  xo, kelseylee.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

swoon-worthy Saturday.

here are some things I'm currently swooning over...

I'm really loving cut-outs of any variety right now, whether it be of paper, dresses, or shoes.

found here.
found here.
found here.
found here.

wide-brimmed straw hats.
to protect my fair face from the hot Georgia sun, I've been looking everywhere for the perfect big straw hat.

found here.
found here.
found here.

my room has no overhead light, so I'm always looking for creative ways to brighten up the space.
found here.
found here.
found here.
found here.

tropical drinks.
my family moved back in November, and our new house has a pool.  as this is out first summer here, I can't help but envision lounging by the pool with a tropical beverage in hand.

found here.
found here.
found here.
found here.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  xo, kelseylee.