Thursday, June 9, 2011

all's in bloom.

today was just a normal day...  I watched little miss Eme Layne for a few hours, thrifted, and got dinner with Micah (my man) in the cafeteria of the hospital where he works as a secretary in the emergency room (pretty exciting stuff!).  for dinner, this is what I wore.

top: thrifted | shorts: thrifted | loafers: thrifted | bag: thrifted
necklace: vintage, borrowed | ring: Forever21
total: $12

first off, I must say that this bag is simply a dream.  while shopping at my favorited thrift store today, I spotted it, and knew it had to be mine.  the best part?  it was only 50 cents!  as was this top, which I adore.  it's so light and airy - perfect for this typical Georgia summer I am currently enduring.

I have a little news for you!  peachy dreams will be on hiatus this coming week (Saturday to Saturday).  I'll be working at a summer camp, and I won't be able to post from the campground.  I'm super excited, as this is a summer tradition of mine that is always so very rewarding.  I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures for you when I get back (if I'm a good blogger and keep my camera on hand, that is).

I am terribly exhausted, so I'm off to watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory and fall asleep (at 9pm, like the old lady I am).

happy almost weekend!  xo, kelseylee.


  1. have fun on hiatus! im in love w your bag!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. I like that you shop at vintage stores or thrift stores.. People always say its gross but I always find the best, one of a kind pieces..

    All the best, Angel

  3. That blouse is so so sweet!

  4. I love this outfit, the blouse is beautiful! I think I have a girl crush on you, you have quite a similar style and shape to me AND you have freckles(also like me)! xxx

  5. i love everything about this outfit. so awesome.

  6. That is so unfair!
    How can you get a bag that good looking for so cheap!
    Its like magic. Lucky you.
    The outfit is awesome also of course. The necklace and top are to die for.
    Its perfect.

  7. This is so sweet- I adore the color of our blouse, and your carpet bag is just so pretty!

  8. loveee that floral pattern! So cute.



  9. love your outfit, and your blog. lovely to meet such a kindred spirit! ;)


  10. I've awarded you with the Lovely Blog Award! ♥

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  11. Just stumbled upon your blog, and it's so adorable! Love this outfit (especially the jewelry!) :)

  12. Great necklace! Love the bag too!


  13. omg. I cant believe you bought the bag for 50 cents! Absolutely love it.
    I also love your hair and... freckles (weird, I know).

    Came across your blog from for the love of blogs.
    Will be a regular from now on.


    accidental encounters : a vintage tea party

  14. such a cute outfit!!

  15. can't believe you spent a total of 1$ for the top and the bag combined. amazing finds!! love this outfit, you're adorable!. x

  16. That bag is an amaaazing find. Only 50 cents? seriously? Love it!


  17. I just love the combination of colors and of course your bag is so cute! And the blouse, can't believe it was only 50 cents because it's s amazing! Love you blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  18. i LOVE LOVE your blog!!!<3 now following!! follow me back?!