Wednesday, June 8, 2011

kindred spirits.

ever since I watched and read Anne of Green Gables as a young girl, I always dreamed of finding a kindred spirit.  I wanted a Diana Barry to my Anne Shirley.  as of late, it seems my dream has come true.  my dear friend Andrew, who I featured in my last post, is exactly that.  each time we spend time together (since he goes to a university in Virginia, that only occurs in the summer or holidays), it seems even more apparent than the last.  today, it was just the same as always.  I met him at his house, where he took my outfit photos (like the amazing friend he is) and played me a few of his most recent tunes.  then, we spend three hours chatting over iced coffee (mine, of course) and tea (he got vanilla rooibos).  here's what I wore...

naturally, I'm awkward when someone is taking my photos...

top: thrifted | shorts: thrifted | belt: thrifted | boots: thrifted | socks: gift
spoon ring: vintage | brooch: handmade by my great-grandfather

these lovely floral shorts were purchased at my favorite thrift store.  they were only $1!  since floral shorts were on my list that day, I was ecstatic!  I think they were originally from Walmart, which makes them even better!  this top came from another one of my favorite haunts, America's Thrift.  I already have plans to remix it with this skirt.

now, I have an interesting story to share.  today, while consuming delicious beverages with Andrew, I heard someone say my name.  I looked up, and there was my fifth grade English teacher!  we hadn't spoken in nine years, yet he still remembered my first and last name!  considering I was not a trouble-maker growing up (actually, I was usually the teacher's pet, the object of much ridicule), I consider that the mark of a good teacher!  since he's a writer, and Andrew is a writer, and I like to consider myself somewhat of a writer, we all hit it off and continued in conversation for quite a while.  it was oddly refreshing to have grown-up conversation with someone I once saw as much older.  all in all, it was a delightful evening.

well, I have a babysitting job in the morning, so I must be getting to sleep.  goodnight, dears.  xo, kelseylee.


  1. Loving those thrifted boots! (Thx for the american apparel tip for swim bottoms...going to get soon!)

  2. cute outfit, love the shoes!

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