Thursday, May 26, 2011

so delicate.

even though I am currently unemployed, I usually have a million things to do each day.  today was the first in a while that I had absolutely nothing planned.  I lounged around most of the morning and early afternoon, catching up on blogs and reading, trying to make the most of such an uneventful day.  to alleviate my ennui, I donned this little ensemble...

top: vintage
skirt: h&m
loafers: thrifted vintage
belt: thrifted vintage
purse: thrifted vintage
necklace: vintage
ring: Forever21
glasses: prescription

this plaid top was given to me by my great aunt.  she had loads of clothes from high school (she graduated in 1974!  score!) and shortly thereafter that hadn't been worn in years.  this particular top came in a set with matching midi skirt and collared shirt dress.  they are sure to make an appearance here soon!

this lovely bag and these great loafers were purchased on the thrifting adventure mentioned here.  I had been jonesing for a bag just like this at h&m, except it was a caramel color and cost close to $40...  this one was just $2.50, and was real leather!  I was so pleased with this find.

in case you haven't noticed, I am super frugal.  it takes so much for me to shell out more than $10 or $15 for any one item.  sometimes, I splurge, but that is super rare.  I just like to have more eclectic thrift store finds than fewer expensive department-store-purchased things, I suppose.  I also like to sell/trade clothes I don't wear very often at places like Rag-O-Rama and Plato's Closet.  and now I've begun rambling...

have a thrilling Thursday!  xxx.

P.S. -- thank you all so much for your lovely comments yesterday!  each one is near and dear to my heart.  :) oh, and follow my blog on bloglovin!


  1. Cute outfit!! I lovee your skirt! The color is amazing.

  2. Omg, you look too adorable to be believed! That plaid top is such an amazing hand-me-down! Lucky you! I'm extremely frugal too, if you look on my blog, nearly everything I wear is thrifted and if they aren't, I probably got it on sale! I think we are smart shoppers!

    Tropic of Unicorn

  3. Love that blouse, it's so unique!