Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pins and needles.

today was a day that will be remembered for all time.  I finally learned to use my sewing machine!  I received by beautiful Brother sewing machine from my parents as a Christmas gift in 2008, and even after relentless begging, my mother couldn't find the time to demonstrate how to use it (she's an emergency room nurse who works 60+ hours a week, not a horrible mother, just to clear things up, haha).  fortunately, my good friend Trevor happens to be home for the summer, and he had picked up the handy task from his mother and a couple of classes at school.  he showed me how it's done, and I altered a beautiful pair of peach high-waisted shorts with his help.  it is so much fun!  actually, it's my dream to become a world-famous fashion designer one day, so I took a little baby step in that direction today.

top: Target, forever ago
shorts: thrifted
loafers: thrifted
necklace: borrowed, vintage
belt: thrifted

sorry for the poor quality of these photos; we were in a real hurry.  either way, aren't these shorts a lovely color?  like a red-orange?  and they fit wonderfully.  I've thought of a million things to wear them with.  actually, the shade of these beauties is the exact same as the one in this top.  as you all know, I love exact color matches.  I can't wait to pair those two pieces together.

today was such a scorcher!  the first day of June, and already the temperatures are soaring over 90 degrees, plus all the humidity... it was almost difficult to breathe!  after learning to sew, I ran a few errands with Andrew, my dearest friend in the whole wide world (you'll be meeting him soon!).  for that venture, I had to put my hair up and don my hat to keep my fair skin protected from the sun.  and it's only the first of June...

well, I'm off to continue devouring the book I'm currently reading.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday.
p.s. - thank you so much for all of your lovely comments!  I appreciate each and every one!


  1. You are seriously amazing at thrifting! I love love your loafers, they're perfect for this type of weather. Love your shorts, can't wait to see what else you pair them with, they're so lovely.

  2. I loveee those shorts!! The color is beatiful :)
    I have several red items and I still struggle with them... I never know how to use it and not look tacky.

  3. I love those shorts! The colour is perfect. :) xx